Mumbai Is The 7th Most Overrated City In The World According To A Survey

by Tooba Shaikh
Mumbai Is The 7th Most Overrated City In The World According To A Survey

Mumbaikars love their Mumbai. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way about this city of dreams. A survey was conducted recently on behalf of which was based on the reviews and ratings given on various online platforms to a variety of travel destinations. Aggregated data revealed that Mumbai is the 7th most overrated city in the world with a 13.9 per cent likelihood that visitors will feel disappointed by it.

Mumbai Is 7th Most Overrated City In The World

According to this review-based survey conducted online, Mumbai is the 7th most disappointing travel destination in the world. The survey was conducted based on internet ratings given to the top 10 all-time popular cities of the world.

The study evaluated internet ratings given to a total of 85 locations across the globe. The study evaluated the frequency of appearance of phrases like ‘very disappointing,’ and ‘not as nice as expected’ in the reviews posted online about those locations.

The data revealed that Mumbai is the 7th most likely city to disappoint visitors and there is an almost 14 per cent chance that people who visit the city that never sleeps, might doze off because of disappointment. The data also revealed that Juhu Beach is the most disappointing location in Mumbai.

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List Of 10 Most Disappointing Cities In The World

According to the survey, the city that was most likely to disappoint its travellers was Bangkok, in Thailand. A popular tourist destination in the city, Khaosan Road, was rated as the most underwhelming attraction in the city.

10. Tokyo (13.6 per cent)

9. Paris (13. 8 per cent)

8. London (13.8 per cent)

7. Mumbai (13.9 per cent)

6. Miami (13.9  per cent)

5. Rimini (14.3 per cent)

4. Munich (15.7 per cent)

3. Singapore (15.8 per cent)

2. Antalya (16.5 per cent)

1. Bangkok (16.6 per cent)

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