Mumbai-Nashik Highway: 5-Hour Jam Due To Potholes Leads To Heated Arguments In Assembly

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Mumbai-Nashik Highway: 5-Hour Jam Due To Potholes Leads To Heated Arguments In Assembly

The Mumbai-Nashik highway has been experiencing significant traffic delays in recent days due to heavy rainfall and potholed roads. As a result, Thane’s roads became congested. Commuters are generally stuck for three to four hours here. On July 25, the highway witnessed a jam lasting 5 hours, leaving the commuters in complete distress. Several members of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly got into a heated argument over the issue. 

Mumbai-Nashik Highway: 5-Hour Jam Due To Potholes

Several members of the legislative assembly, including Tourism Development Minister Jayakumar Rawal and Congress MLA Balasaheb Thorat, asked Speaker Rahul Narvekar on Wednesday about the delay in pothole repair work on the highway, where commuters have been stuck for more than five hours due to traffic jams. 

The 20-kilometre stretch from which commuters can reach Mumbai in 30 minutes in the morning is currently experiencing a 5-hour traffic standstill.

There are various reasons for the traffic jam on the Mumbai-Nashik road, and authorities are working hard to resolve the difficulties as soon as possible, albeit it is a lengthy process, and commuters are tired of spending up to 5 hours on the road.

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Repair Will Be Completed Within Next 8 Days

Dada Bhuse, the minister in charge of MSRDC, said to the Assembly on Tuesday that 100 traffic wardens, more flying squads, and pothole repair will all be completed within the next eight days.

He added that the ongoing 8-lane expansion construction on a 21-km stretch between Wadpe and Thane is the reason for the traffic bottlenecks on this road and that the project will be finished by August 2024. 

Poor road conditions are the cause of the traffic congestion, and MSRDC and the traffic police have met to discuss solutions. Now that there are two lanes on each side, MSRDC is attempting to patch potholes with pavement as soon as possible to address the problem. DCO said that they had promised to send 50 wardens to stop cars that unduly block traffic lanes.

Additionally, MSRDC has given them access to four cranes so they can respond quickly if any vehicles break down in between. In order to prevent traffic near Mankoli, where huge vehicles take turns reaching the godown side, they have also started providing one single dedicated right line for small cars and one left line for big vehicles. (As per Hindustan Times)

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