Amritsar: Old Man Serves Free Tea; Anand Mahindra Wants To Visit “Temple Of Tea Service”

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Amritsar: Old Man Serves Free Tea; Anand Mahindra Wants To Visit “Temple Of Tea Service”

Every time someone mentions Amritsar, I am so sure the Golden Temple crosses their mind. It is on the list of every Indian to visit this beautiful and holy shrine once in their lifetime. The people of Amritsar and the people here tend to believe in ‘sarbat da bhala’ which simply means blessings for everyone. One such place is a tea stall that has been running here for 40 years now, and industrialist Anand Mahindra wishes to visit it!

Anand Mahindra Shares Video of Amritsar’s ‘Temple Of Tea Service’

Industrialist Anand Mahindra is known to share videos or images that encourage talent, explore new places, or promote new progressive ideas. Recently, he shared a video by YouTuber Amritsar Walking Tours. 

In this video, the host takes us to a very unique place in Amritsar. This small tea stall is located right under a huge banyan tree in the city. This ‘Temple of Tea Service’ is run by Ajit Singh, an old man who is fondly called ‘Babaji’. 

This man is known to offer tea to every visitor and the people nearby for free. He does not expect any money from anyone; in fact, the people who visit him, themselves offer him an amount as per their wish. 

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A Generous And Selfless Service

An old time customer of Ajit Singh was also in the video and spoke about the tea and Babaji too. He said that sometimes, as Babaji goes away to serve tea, his utensils get stolen from the shop. But he never complains about it. No matter what, he keeps working from 9am to 4pm every single day and generously, selflessly serves tea. 

While sharing the video, industrialist Anand Mahindra expressed his wish to visit the ‘Temple of Tea Service’, the next time he visits Amritsar. He also mentioned that our hearts are potentially the biggest temples. 

Many Twitter users were surprised and thanked Anand for sharing this video. They also added it to their bucket list, just like the business tycoon. Another user shared the story of a similar tea stall in Jammu. 

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Have you visited this stall ever?

Cover Image Courtesy: @anandmahindra/Twitter