Mumbai-Pune Expressway: Traffic Woes Continue, Passengers Demand Disciplining Of Heavy Vehicles

by Tooba Shaikh
Mumbai-Pune Expressway: Traffic Woes Continue, Passengers Demand Disciplining Of Heavy Vehicles

If you’ve travelled on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, you know that traffic can get extremely congested. Especially during weekends, bottlenecking increases because many people travel to and from the two cities. During this weekend, too, the expressway got extremely congested and many frustrated passengers took to social media to vent their frustrations. Many expressed that the congestion was mostly a result of heavy vehicles like trucks which are often extremely overloaded and in very poor condition.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway: Traffic Congestion Continues

Traffic on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway seems to be getting worse by the day. During the last weekend, the congestion seemed to be one of the worst. Many people took to Twitter and vented out their frustration on the micro-blogging website.

One person commented that the major reason why the traffic is so bad is because of heavy vehicles like trucks, which are often in very bad condition. These trucks are also, more often than not, overloaded. This, according to the person, is extremely hazardous for the vehicles traversing along the expressway.

Another person wrote that even early in the morning, the expressway isn’t free from traffic. They complained that the toll of ₹320 is much too high for such “harassment.” The angry Twitterati also asked for a refund along with the cost of fuel.

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New Traffic Management System To Be Implemented On The E-way

Mumbai-Pune Expressway traffic
Image Credits: @_thefine/Twitter

This problem of traffic congestion has been going on for a long time. In an effort to curb this problem, a new traffic management system will be put in place. This new system will incorporate a total of 370 cameras which will be able to track 17 types of traffic violations.

The contract for this system is given to a private firm which will make ₹555 for every challan that they issue. It was given for a total of ₹340 crores and will last for ten years. This new system is hoped to help with the traffic on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

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Cover Image Credits: @_thefine/Twitter