Mumbai-Pune Highways: 6,000 Booked For Not Wearing Seatbelts In Last 5 Months

by Tooba Shaikh
Mumbai-Pune Highways: 6,000 Booked For Not Wearing Seatbelts In Last 5 Months

Driving on the road can be riskier than flying in an aircraft. Its risks are also often downplayed. Even though there are many rules and regulations put into place for the benefit of the people on the road, not many people follow them. You’ll find that many people flout traffic rules. In fact, recently, it was revealed that more than 40,000 motorists were booked for violating traffic rules just on the Mumbai-Pune highways.

Mumbai-Pune Highways: 6,000 Booked For Not Wearing Seatbelts

mumbai-pune highways
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According to a recent Times of India article, more than 40,000 violations were recorded on the Mumbai-Pune highways. This number was given by the commissioner of State Transport, Vivek Bhimanwar. He also went on to say that out of these 40,000 violations, more than 6,000 were for not wearing seatbelts.

In addition to this, nearly 7,000 motorists have been booked for speeding on the expressway. This shows the lack of concern and the lackadaisical attitude that people have towards road safety. People have paid hefty sums of money as penalty.

According to the data, a whopping ₹7.2 crore has been paid as a fine for these violations. Of this huge sum, ₹30 lakhs have been received from people who were caught without wearing the seatbelt. ₹1.4 crores have come from people who were caught speeding.

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Many People Also Caught For Using Cellphones

mumbai-pune highways
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Apart from not wearing seatbelts and speeding, a large number of people were also caught using their cellphones while driving. A total of ₹3.3 lakhs were taken from people who were negligent enough to use cellphones while driving a vehicle.

The transport department is currently undertaking a campaign in order to crack down on people who are callous while driving. This campaign comes after the chairperson of Tata Sons, Mr. Cyrus Mistry died in a car crash last September.

However, it is often suggested that imposing fines doesn’t do much good since ‘punishable by fine’ can translate to ‘legal for rich people.’ Hence, to really discourage people from breaking the law, there must be some other, more egalitarian means of deterring people from violating rules.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons