Mumbai Railway Station Installs Vending Machine With Masks, Sanitisers & Gloves

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy1121

The coronavirus pandemic has now made the use of masks, sanitisers and thermal screening the new normal. On that note, Mumbai’s Dadar central railway station installed a vending machine with masks, gloves and sanitisers. This vending machine works just like any other machine where people need to insert money. And then select the item they want. Dadar Central Railway Station earlier announced to set up an underground parking and separate pedestrian zone costing ₹456 crores. 

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 DadarRailway Station Installs A Vending Machine Of Gloves, Masks & Sanitisers

Mumbai’s railway stations deployed automated screens to check tickets and temperatures. Now, Dadar railway station installed a vending machine with masks, gloves and sanitisers. This vending machine is similar to any other vending machine. All you got to do is insert money and then select the item you want. The coronavirus era vending machine offers a variety of masks ranging from one-time use to N95 masks. There are also hand sanitisers amounting from ₹50 to ₹100 and free size gloves for all. 

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The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated the use of gloves, masks and sanitisers to reduce the risk of infection. Currently, only people engaged in essential services are permitted to travel by local trains. Some special passenger trains are also operating. The railways plan to install such vending machines in several other railway stations as well. The railways have also installed health ATMs. People can do their medical checkup here at a very nominal rate.

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Railway Stations In Mumbai Also Have Health ATMs

Shivaji Sutar is the Central Railways Chief Public Relations Officer. He states to India Today “Railways is taking all necessary precautions for safety of passengers. We have installed health ATMs at railway stations wherein people can get their medical check up done at very nominal rate. Also, health kiosk is installed where passengers can avail safety equipments like masks, sanitizer and gloves at very nominal rate,”

Well, right now the general public in Mumbai cannot travel by train. However, if you do wish to explore your city, then check out our virtual tour of Mumbai from the comfort of your home. 

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