Mumbai Vs Delhi Street Food: Gauri Khan Reveals She Likes Delhi Street Food More Than Mumbai

by Sanmita A
Mumbai Vs Delhi Street Food: Gauri Khan Reveals She Likes Delhi Street Food More Than Mumbai

The tug of war between Delhi and Mumbai street food is real. In a recent interview with the Bollywood designer and producer Gauri Khan, Curly Tales host Kamiya Jani asked — who wins when it comes to street food, Delhi or Mumbai? And, Bollywood’s favourite interior designer picked Delhi with no hesitation. This surely doesn’t surprise us, knowing Gauri has a long history with the nation’s famous street food destination — Delhi. Discover more about Shah Rukh Khan’s lady love, Gauri Khan’s street food choices in Delhi.

Delhi Wins Street Food Battle, According To Bollywood Designer Gauri Khan

On being asked who wins the street food battle between Delhi and Mumbai, Gauri Khan chose Delhi. She even picked her favourite delicacies from the streets. Starting from Chana Bhatura, Pau Bhaji, and chaat, Gauri Khan says she relishes every bit of Delhi’s street food. We Delhiites are screaming with joy in our hearts with another Bollywood celeb added to the Delhi team of street food.


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Gauri Recommends This Street Food In Delhi

In this interview with Curly Tales, Kamiya Jani totally brought the foodie in Gauri Khan to the surface. And we were thrilled to know about her street food favourites. And especially her love of Delhi street food. When asked for a recommendation, Gauri Khan promptly replies to Kamiya Jani about savouring Chaat at Bengali market, Delhi. Gauri even said that ever given a chance, she would love to go there again. Considering, Gauri’s love for street delicacies, we had to know about who else in the Khan family shared such a love for food. Gauri Khan also told that AbRam is the foodie in their family. She said that AbRam loves to enjoy good food.

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What Cooks In The Khan Household During Festivals?

The Khan household is known for its larger-than-life celebrations, be it an event, a birthday party or even a festival. Curly Tales host, Kamiya Jani, asked Gauri Khan about the delicacy which is cooked during festivals. To this, Gauri shared that she loves Kheer, and she ensures that a bowl of kheer does find its way to the table on different occasions. That does say a lot about Indian families and how there is an enormous love towards kheer rice pudding! It is just the class Indian dessert that absolutely no festival in India is celebrated without.

Would you agree?

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