Mumbai’s Cab Services May Soon Have To Follow Govt-Imposed Rules & You Have A Say In Shaping Them

by Mallika Khurana
Mumbai’s Cab Services May Soon Have To Follow Govt-Imposed Rules & You Have A Say In Shaping Them

We are all aware of the hassle of booking a cab. While these services entered our lives as a boon, they soon turned into a task of dealing with cancellations, misconduct, an unbelievable elevation of prices, and more nuisance. The situation got so difficult that we were all forced to start booking the cab much earlier than the time we wanted to actually leave the house. No matter how many complaints we put in on the app, they hardly ever came to fruition. Mumbaikars, the misery may come to an end. You will now have a say in the rules governing these app-based cab service providers.

Here’s How You Can Put In Your Suggestion About Cab Services

Rules for cab services

A state-appointed committee has been formed to address and resolve all the grievances put forward by the riders. This committee will be responsible for establishing rules that will be followed by cab aggregators like Ola and Uber. Even the companies’ stakeholders were asked for input in the formation of the rules.

Not just the stakeholders, but we, the riders and general public, also get to put in our two cents to improve the condition of cab services in our city. Additional transport commissioner J B Patil also informed all those who wish to make a suggestion that they can do so by sending an email to The deadline for putting in a suggestion is May 9, 2023. You can also reach out to the transport commissioner’s office for any further assistance regarding the matter.

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A Committee Will Lay The Ground Rules

Cab services

The committee formed to lay the rules for cab services has six members and will be headed by Sudhir Srivastava, a former IAS officer. The committee will recommend the rules in three months after analysing the court’s orders and taking into account the public’s suggestions about fares, cancellations, and the driver’s conduct.

Once established, these guidelines will be termed the Maharashtra Regulation of Aggregators Rules. All driver-partners will be lawfully required to abide by them, and if they fail to, they could be prosecuted for non-compliance. Though the Central Government’s guidelines will form the basis for these regulations, additional terms with respect to Maharashtra could be added.

Once these rules are established, they will definitely bring great relief to our daily lives.

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