6 Must-Try Foods In Odisha

Foods Odisha
by Suchismita Pal
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The gorgeous beaches, historic shrines and idyllic mountains in Odisha pull tourists from all over the country. Having said that, Odisha isn’t just home to stunning natural beauty. The cuisine of the state is equally magnificent. It offers a wide array of snacks and desserts that are highly flavourful and can hardly be found anywhere else in India. Thus, a trip to Odisha remains incomplete without gorging on its authentic food options. So, which are the best street foods to try in Odisha? Here are 6 options:

1. Chakuli Pitha

Chakuli Pitha is an Odia crepe made from rice flour and urad dal. It goes well with traditional curries like aloo damghugni, chicken curry and mutton curry. Chakula Pitha comes in two forms. The thinner version of it is called Saru Chakuli. A thicker one is stuffed with grated coconut and jaggery and is called Burha Chakuli.

Foods Odisha

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2. Khaja

The sweet and crispy fritter khaja is offered as a prasad in Odisha’s Jagannath Temple and is a popular street snack too. Khaja is made from wheat flour and is deep-fried in desi ghee. This is one of the iconic coastal sweets in the region entwined with the sentiments of the Odia locals. 

Foods Odisha3. Chhenna Poda

Chhenna Poda is a baked dessert made with chhenna, semolina, dry fruits and ghee. It typically looks like a milk cake. Chhenna Poda is one of the favorite sweet dishes of Lord Jagannath and is offered as part of 56 Bhog. It is available in various street food joints too all around the year.

Foods Odisha4. Dahi Bara Aloo Dam

The people of Odisha enjoy a zestier version of dahi bara by topping it with delish aloo dam ( potato curry), onions, curd, chat masala and sev. This humble breakfast snack is the most loved street food dish of most Odia folks. And it is available in almost every nook and corner of the state.

Foods Odisha

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5. Arisa Pitha

Arisa Pitha is yet another sweet dish of Odisha made from rice flour, jaggery and cinnamon. Dotted with sesame seeds, arisa pitha is a crispy dessert that is velvety from the inside.

Foods Odisha

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6. Rasagola

Believe it or not, rasagola is actually a street food too in Odisha. And you can find young boys and girls selling them on the popular beaches in large cans. These rasagolas are small in size but are extremely pleasing to the taste buds. Odias have a day dedicated to it known as Rasagola Dibasa and the sweet forms a part of an important ritual during the annual Ratha Jatra held in Puri.

Foods Odisha


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