10 Must-Try Local Food In South Korea

by Jinal Inamdar
10 Must-Try Local Food In South Korea

South Korea is a super exotic place to visit not just for its culture, people and fashion, but also for its food. Just like us Indians, South Korea is big on its street food culture. We visited South Korea during the Halal Restaurant Week, an annual event to promote Muslim friendly restaurants in the country. Little did we expect to have these unbelievably tasty and authentic meaty delights. Here are some dishes you must try!

  1. Egg Bun

This interesting looking dish, is basically made from a very runny batter. Almost like a cake batter, it is poured into a mould, an egg is cracked on top and then it gets baked. They are then seated on steamers and the fragrance is sure to drift you to the stall for a bite! The Egg bun is great for a quick bite and perfect for egg lovers!

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  1. Shrimp Butter Roast

Sea-food lovers, the streets of Korea are your haven! You’ll find a number of options. We stopped by to try the juicy looking shrimp butter roasts. A string of shrimps are skewed on a skewer and sitting on a hot pan. Its glazed with butter and you can have it with spicy sauces that they serve. Check this out:

  1. Chicken Kebab Roll

The rightly spiced and juicy kebab rolls at the street vendors if definitely a must-try! These are halal-certified stalls and I think we’d give full marks for hygiene and taste. Totally unmatched!

  1. Korean Barbeque

When you’re visiting a place, the local cuisine is what makes your experience authentic and special. Just like these Korean barbeques here that we tried. These are available at almost every street at every stall and is basically halal meat skewed and brushed in spices and tangy sauces. If this Korean barbeque hasn’t convinced you, then read the Top 5 Reasons Why South Korea Should Be On Your Bucket List This Year.

  1. Bibimbap

Your trip to Korea isn’t even half complete without trying the most popular dish – the Bibimbap! This dish is a mix of a lot of ingredients like vegetables and meat along with rice and its best teamed with chilly sauce. You could also have it with different kinds of kimchi that should be placed on your table. Absolutely healthy, this one is a must try.

  1. Tteotkboki

If you are a fan of spicy food, then this one’s got to be your pick. Tteotkboki is rice cakes dipped in spicy sauces, egg and vegetables. The chewy rice cake taste quite neutral in itself and so they demand bubbling in these spicy and sweet sauces for the right balance and taste

  1. Indian Halal Food

Yes, we know what you’re thinking! But if you are an Indian, you also get what we’re suggesting ;) You probably can’t stay without at least one Indian meal during your trip abroad, and honestly, we couldn’t either. We tried out halal chicken curry and naan at the Taj Restaurant and felt like we were back home for a bit!

  1. Bingsu

What if we presented to you one dessert that can satisfy all your sweet-cravings? Here’s beautiful Bingsu that is beautiful not just on the outside, but also on the inside! Well, you get our point. This shaved-ice dessert is a popular name in Korea and can feed four people in one serving! It’s topped with macaroons, ice cream basically all the good things in life.

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