Nagaland Minister Shares Stunning Video Of Clouds Flowing Down Valley Like Waterfall

by Shreya Ghosh
Nagaland Minister Shares Stunning Video Of Clouds Flowing Down Valley Like Waterfall

Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along is very popular on social media and netizens love and enjoy watching his posts. Very recently, he uploaded a stunning video showing the beauty of nature on his official Twitter account and it went viral in no time. This beautiful video of clouds will surely mesmerise you and no wonder why the Twitter users are loving it so much. In the video, we can see nature being at its best and portraying its magical aura and charm to us.

Temjen Imna Along Shared A Video Of Clouds Flowing Down The Valley Like A Waterfall

This viral clip is a timelapse video of rows of clouds covering a valley, small houses, and mountains, and it looks like just out of a dream. The panorama of the tiny houses on the mountains and the clouds encapsulating everything looks like an unbelievably alluring scene of a pristine waterfall. The location of this video is still unknown to us and the Nagaland Minister left a question for us to solve in the caption of the video. He uploaded this video captioning, ‘Clouds floating down the valleys, Isn’t it beautiful? Guess the location 🤔 Thank you to Paolenthang Tuboi for capturing this mesmerizing video!’

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Netizens Are Loving This Video!

The Nagaland Minister uploaded this video on 25 July 2022 and in less than 3 days, it has over 242.5K views and more than 12.9K likes. Over 1,000 Twitter users also retweeted this post. Netizens are surprised to see such a stunning video. It is true that the small timelapse clip is magnificent as we hardly watched something like that before. The way the clouds were flowing and covering the surroundings, houses, and the valley, the scenic beauty is just exceptional. We are sure you will replay this video quite a few times to watch the magic again and again. And it will mesmerise you every time just like it did the first time. We can never get tired of watching nature doing its magic and such videos surely are a stressbuster after a hectic day.

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