Nagpur Finally Gets Its Very Own Khau Galli

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1841

Foodies! There’s a new paradise in town for you. Nagpur now has its very own Khau Galli. You heard that right. Gorge on delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian street food snacks at Nagpur’s food street. After a long two and half-year wait, Khau Galli was inaugurated by Union Minister and city MP, Nitin Gadkari on 9th January 2020. The municipal corporation worked tirelessly to develop this place into a food haven. And in the coming weeks, Khau Galli will witness a total of 40 food stalls serving an array of lip-smacking chatpata snacks. And that’s not all,  the road along Khau Galli will be shut from 6 pm to 11 pm to avoid traffic congestion and facilitate recreation at this local tourist hub. So you can eat and chill to your heart’s content.

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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari’s Take on Khau Galli

Located near Gandhi Sagar Lake, Khau Galli has been attracting people from all walks of life. The hygienic, delicious and affordable food street is slowly making its way to every foodie’s bucket list. Union Minister Nitin Gadkar visited Khau Galli for its inauguration. During this time, he stated that like vegetable markets, parks, playgrounds food malls like Khau Galli should be developed across the city since they provide hygienic food at reasonable rates. He further added that lower-middle-class families will be able to visit such food streets and enjoy delicacies.

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Nitin Gadkari also gave insights into the future plans for Nagpur’s Khau Galli. He suggested that instead of each stall having their own LPG Gas cylinders, Nagpur Municipal Corporation can provide metered gas connections. Apart from this he also assured to provide help through MP funds to develop drinking water facilities in the Khau Galli. Gadkari appealed to contractors to beautify the lake, for which the mayor, Sandip Joshi replied that work has been started.

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 Facilities In Khau Galli

On the day of the inauguration, six stalls were in operation, out of which four stalls were serving vegetarian snacks. Visitors enjoyed gorging on Momos, Vada Pav, Pani Puri and Noodles to name a few. From January 26th onwards all 32 stalls will be in opened. City mayor, Sandip Joshi had mentioned that there was a provision for 32 stalls. In all 78 applications were received from vendors and 32 of them were finalized through a lucky draw. Soon after 8 more stalls will also be opened, adorning Khau Galli with a whopping number of 40 food stalls. Did you know Plan B Has Got Nagpur’s Cheesiest Burgers?

Nagpur’s unique food joint Khau Galli will remain open throughout the day as well. And the road from Agyaram Devi Square to Empress Mill T-Point will be shut down for traffic between 6 pm to 11 pm. This is to allow free movement for the people on the road. Visitors would like to frequent here as a recreational spot, so this is done so they can have a comfortable, relaxing leisure experience.

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What’s More For Khau Galli?

Khau Galli already has modern amenities like CCTV surveillance and will also have security guards, drinking water connections and complete sewage network, present in the days to come. Sandip Joshi, the city mayor has also stated that the nearby Balbhavan premises will be converted into pay and park, and they are currently in the process to appoint an operator. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation has also installed a music system and will be arranging other types of recreational activities to increase footfall at this tourist hub in Nagpur. Well, with all this shor, sharaba, food and whatnot, every foodie would definitely love to visit Nagpur to explore its very own Khau Galli. If you’re a Mumbaikar, then here are 6 Reasons To Visit Vile Parle Khau Galli

Details Of Nagpur’s Khau Galli

Date: Every day, 6 pm to 11 pm ( afternoon timings are not yet decided)
Venue: Empress City, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440018

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