Nagpur Railway Station To Give Passengers Spit Pouches For Spitting To Maintain Hygiene

by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 1403

Spitting in public is a common problem in India. People not only spit on the streets and walls but spitting on the trains is a prevalent problem too. Despite levying fines on the citizens, there’s no improvement in the sanitary conditions. And keeping the pandemic situation in mind, this act of spitting is not only unsanitary but is also life-threatening now. And to put an end to this spitting problem, the Nagpur division of Central Railway has come up with a solution. To ensure the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene; the officials will be giving pouches to passengers for them to use it for spitting. Also, Indian Railways might become the world’s first Green Railways by 2030.

The Pouch Will Cost 10 And Can Be Purchased At The Station

Picture Credit: The Economic Times

The pouch provided by the railways is reusable multiple times, and an initiative like this is a first. Apart from the pandemic, another reason to come up with this solution is that there are passengers and senior citizens who have motion sickness and don’t find an apt place to spit or throw up. So, they can now buy this pouch by shelling 10 and can spit without having to move or spreading any diseases. Not only this, but Mumbai’s CSMT Station To Get ₹1642 Crores Of Makeover; Luxury Shops, Restaurants To Come Up.

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Pouches Will Only Be Available At Nagpur Station For Now

The solution is launched by the officers in Nagpur, so for now, the pouches will be at the railway station in Nagpur. The machine is set, and the passengers can now use it at the station. The inauguration of the machine was done by Krishnath Patil, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Nagpur Division, Central Railway. Vijay Thul, Assistant Commercial Manager and Tara Prasad Acharya, Commercial Inspector were also present for the inauguration. 

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