Mumbai’s Local Trains Might Start From September 1

by Drishti
Mumbai’s Local Trains Might Start From September 1

Mumbai might soon get its lifeline back on track, literally! In order to restore public life, the authorities are trying to remove several lockdown restrictions. As a part of this, Mumbai locals might also start from September 1, with a greater capacity. Currently, only a local few trains run through out the city, and are restricted to essential workers. Read on to know more.

Mumbai Locals Likely To Run Again From September 1

For now, only a select few people can travel in the Mumbai locals. Largely speaking, essential workers identified by the authorities can take these trains. The Maharashtra government is also planning on allowing accredited journalists to take the locals using a QR code. According to the publication Mumbai Live, a cabinet meeting was scheduled on August 26 regarding the same. For now, it is unclear whether office-goers and commuters in general will be allowed to travel, as the lockdown is still on. But Mumbai’s local trains might spring back to life from September 1, possibly with a greater capacity and frequency.

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Who Can Travel In The Local Trains For Now?

Mumbai’s lifeline used to carry more than 75 lakh passengers daily, on 3000 odd trains. Then, the Mumbai local services came to a complete two-month standstill from March, due to the pandemic. Operations resumed from June 15, but were reserved for essential workers. Defence staff, employees of Central Government, Income Tax, and GST & Customs too can use the local services. Apparently, services are also open to people employed in Postal Departments, nationalised banks, Mumbai Port Trust, and Raj Bhavan. But, only a limited number of trains run daily on the Western and Central lines for these commuters.

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With the pandemic still raging through, it is becoming increasingly difficult travel even within the city. Oh, how we miss listening to local train announcements! On that note, here are some more everyday sounds from Mumbai that we’re missing!