Mumbai Locals Are Operational: Here’s Who Can Travel

by Sanjana Shenoy
Mumbai Locals Are Operational: Here’s Who Can Travel

Mumbai local trains resumed services from Monday, June 15. A limited number of suburban trains zoomed in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. However, confusion still looms as to who can travel and when? Well, Mumbai local trains resumed operations specifically for the Maharashtra government employees engaged in essential services. According to the government, these special suburban services aren’t meant for the general public. Only people engaged in essential services can commute by these special trains. They operate from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. And only certain booking windows are opened for the same. Apart from this, medically fit passengers who don’t come from containment zones are permitted to board these trains.

Mumbai Local Trains Only Meant For State Govt Employees Providing Essential Services

After a gap of two and a half months, Mumbai local trains resumed services on June 15. Around 60,000 people involved in the essential services sector travelled on these trains on the first day of reopening. The government has identified around 1.25 lakh employees indulged in essential services of the state government. They are designated to travel by these special trains. However, in normal circumstances, over 85 lakh passengers commute daily on the suburban networks spanning Thane, Mumbai, Palghar and Raigad.

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The Central and Western Railway clearly state that these special suburban trains are not for the general public. State government employees engaged in essential services are only permitted to commute by these trains. However, this list of essential services doesn’t include bank employees. Even though they fall under the special status of ‘essential service provider’ under the Ministry of Home Affairs, as of now they aren’t permitted to use these special trains.

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The Western Railway runs 60 pairs of its 12 car suburban services. A total of 120 trains go to and from Churchgate to Dahanu Road. The Central Railways runs 100 services on either side of its mainline. This is between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to Thane, Kalyan, Karjat and Kasara. And it runs 70 services on either side of Harbour line —  Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Panvel. To maintain social distancing, Mumbai police patrol the city on segway fleet.   

Mumbai Local Train Timings

These trains operate between 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. But only certain bookings windows are opened for the same. Food and other stalls remain closed at the railway stations. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) is deployed to monitor adherence for social distancing rules. Right now, since we can’t travel by Mumbai trains, this is the sound that we miss the most during this lockdown. 

Procedure For State Govt Employees To Travel By These Trains

Railways permit passengers entry through employee cards. But in the coming days, state employees will be issued QR based E-passes. These will also have bar colour coding to enable quicker ticket checking in coordination by the state government. Passengers who are medically fit and don’t come from containment zones are allowed to board these trains.

The state government ensures multiple rounds of checking to make sure requirements are met. To maintain social distancing instead of the full capacity of 12oo people, only 700 people are allowed per train. The Railways advised the state government to stagger office timings for workers coming from different areas to prevent overcrowding in trains. For the time being, if you miss travelling in Mumbai local trains or exploring the city, then check out our virtual tour from the comfort of your home.