Nagpur Recorded A Jaw Dropping Temperature of 49.55 Degree Celsius

The heat has spared no city with Nagpur recording one of it’s highest temperatures yet!

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What Is It?
According to this image doing the rounds since yesterday, Nagpur was sizzling at 49.55 Degree Celsius at 3:30 pm which would be one of the highest temperatures it ever recorded!



However, this seems to be under certain scrutiny as to the proper working of this device as the official temperature details released by the Met office differed from the figure displayed here. This was 47.5 Degrees on Tuesday, 28th May 2019.

What’s More?
In fact, Vidarbha’s Chandrapur saw the highest temperature of the day at 47.8 Degree Celsius according to Met data.

Here’s how you can stay hydrated people.

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Madhusree Chatragadda
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