Nakheel Issues Eviction Notice To Garden Community Residents; Expats Explore Alternatives In Dubai

Dubai residents receive eviction notices amidst property renovations.

by Deeplata Garde
Nakheel Issues Eviction Notice To Garden Community Residents; Expats Explore Alternatives In Dubai

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing the community experience and elevating living standards, Nakheel, a prominent Dubai-based property developer, has embarked on an ambitious refurbishment project for The Gardens Apartments by sending eviction notices to residents. This initiative underscores Nakheel’s unwavering commitment to enriching the overall quality of life within its communities, positioning it as a pioneer in community development.

Phased Renovation Approach


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The comprehensive refurbishment plan is being meticulously executed in phases, demonstrating Nakheel’s dedication to minimizing disruptions for residents. The recent completion of Zone 4, predominantly featuring two-bedroom apartments, marks a significant milestone in the project. The phased approach ensures that residents experience minimal inconvenience and allows Nakheel to deliver on its commitment to excellence in property development.

Eviction Notices And Resident Response

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Residents residing in Zone 2 recently received eviction notices, signalling the commencement of the next phase in Nakheel’s thoughtful renovation strategy. The communication process began with informative text messages, providing residents with an early understanding of the upcoming changes. Subsequently, legal orders from Dubai Courts were issued, mandating tenants to temporarily vacate their residences during the refurbishment period.

In response to this development, tenants are actively exploring alternative housing options that align with their needs and preferences. Some residents are contemplating the possibility of terminating their contracts with Nakheel. They are finding a residence elsewhere that better suits their requirements. This decision-making process involves careful consideration of various factors. It includes potential changes in schooling for children, additional transportation costs, and the emotional impact of leaving their cherished homes.

As residents grapple with the prospect of relocation, they are also evaluating the potential financial implications associated with moving to a different residence. Recognizing the significance of this transition, Nakheel has demonstrated its commitment to residents’ well-being by providing a generous 12-month advance notice period. This foresight allows residents ample time to prepare for the temporary evacuation, ensuring a smooth and organized transition.

Legal Framework and Landlord Rights


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Under the legal framework outlined in Law 26 of 2007, landlords, including Nakheel, possess the right to request the eviction of tenants for redevelopment or refurbishment purposes. This legal provision strikes a delicate balance between the imperative of property development initiatives and the rights of tenants. Overall, this contributes to a harmonious coexistence within the real estate landscape.

Nakheel’s commitment to community enrichment remains steadfast. As evidenced by its ongoing renovation efforts, it creates a vibrant and thriving environment. This project prioritizes residents’ well-being and overall living experience.

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