Navi Mumbai-Based Blogger Is Making Samosas In Shape Of Croissants & Donuts And It Looks Quite Amazing!

A food blogger is giving our beloved samosa different shapes like croissants, flowers, and doughuts.

by Tashika Tyagi
Navi Mumbai-Based Blogger Is Making Samosas In Shape Of Croissants & Donuts And It Looks Quite Amazing!

We love food, especially desi Indian street food like samosas, gol gappas, and chaat. And we don’t take kindly to people who mess with these food items either. So, when we came across this food blogger making samosas in different shapes, we were definitely sceptical. The Navi Mumbai-based food blogger made samosas in different shapes like croissants and flowers, and to be honest, by the end of it, we were definitely impressed! Don’t believe us? Check it out!

Desi Samosa Gets Croissant & Flowery Makeover!

Meghana Kadu, @chef_modeon, is a Mumbai-based food blogger who experiments and develops different recipes. In her latest series on Instagram, she is trying to make everyone’s favourite samosas in different shapes. So far, she has made mini croissant samosas, doughnut samosas, and a very intricate flower samosa.

What we like is that she isn’t experimenting with the filling but is simply playing with the shape of the outer layer of the dish. The potato stuffing in all her dishes remains the same and she simply gives the outer layer a different shape like a croissant, doughnut, or flower. We are definitely impressed by these unique samosa shapes!

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Netizens Loving These Cutesy Samosa Shapes

Croissant samosa
Image Courtesy: Instagram/chef_modeon

Not just us, these croissants and doughnut samosas have left the Netizens impressed as well! People are applauding her creativity and, of course, have even left some hilarious comments in Meghana Kadu’s post.




With just a play of shape, Meghana gave a whole new character to our beloved street food! Now, this is what we call creativity! Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/chef_modeon

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