Neel Top, Ramban In Jammu & Kashmir Had A 2-Day Summer Carnival; Tourism Boost Expected

by Tooba Shaikh
Neel Top, Ramban In Jammu & Kashmir Had A 2-Day Summer Carnival; Tourism Boost Expected

We all already know that Jammu and Kashmir are, quite literally, two of the most beautiful places in the world. The pristine white snow, and the beautiful natural ambience, are all distinctive and unique. However, as popular as this destination is for tourists, there are still many locations here that aren’t explored by the masses. In order to highlight one such location, the government of Jammu and Kashmir organised a two-day summer carnival at Neel Top, Ramban.

Neel Top Ramban Summer Carnival

This cultural festival was organised by the Directorate of Tourism. The major telos behind organising this festival is to make people aware of its cultural heritage, beauty, and rich natural habitat. This means that the people who are not aware of the location and everything it offers had the opportunity to learn more about the place.

The festival took place on the 18th and 18th of June and it involved a number of fun activities like cultural performances and trekking. According to an article recently published by the Hindustan Times, the cultural festivals involved Dogri dance, Kashmiri dance, Rambaani Thali Dance, etc.

It also featured an arts and crafts mela which exhibited the fine craftsmanship of the localities. Hosting such functions would spread awareness about the location as a tourist spot. This would help in developing the place as well.

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Local Cuisines Also Part Of The Exhibit

This particular event also showcased a number of other culturally relevant things like local cuisines. Food is arguably one of the biggest pulls of any given tourist destination. By flexing the local flavours, tourists have another incentive to visit the place.

Many prominent politicians were also present at the event all of whom were all praises about the event. It was thought to be an excellent initiative. Given that it was done with the aim of boosting tourism, the event was reported to be a success.

It is an underrated place and as of now, untouched by commercialisation.

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Cover Image Credits: @dcramban/Twitter