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Neena Gupta
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Mumbai meri jaan! The City of Dreams has a magnificent charm that ensures everyone falls in love with it. No matter when one comes to this city, everyone ends up loving Mumbai amidst the bustles, chaos, and crowd. Even at the hardest times, this city gives you hope and our guests on this Sunday Brunch episode also agree with this. Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta joined Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani on a Sunday Brunch episode where they relished mouth-watering Kashmiri and South Indian food.

Here’s Why Neena Gupta Thinks Mumbai Is A City Of Hope

People often get demotivated when they do not get regular work or even take a long time to mark their presence in their professional fields. Staying persistent and also working hard toward their dreams helped our guests to stay on track and focus on their goals. Neena Ji shared how her mother was against her career decision to work in the film industry. She wanted to go back once every 4-6 months but every time she decided to go back, each time she felt that she will get an opportunity in a day or two. Such optimism and positivity always kept her hopeful to chase her dreams.

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Our Guests Love How The City Is A Ray Of Hope For Everyone!


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Both Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta praised Mumbai in heaps and how it is a city of hope for everyone in every field and industry. Anupam Ji said, “It’s the most generous city in the world. It gives a chance to everybody from any field, not necessarily in cinema. You should be prepared to grab that chance.”

Their journey has not been easy and it took them years to make their successful careers in the Bollywood film industry. To know about their journey since the beginning, you need to watch this episode of Sunday Brunch.

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