Neeraj Chopra Talks About The Scary Injury Before The Olympics

by Ankita Mazumdar
Neeraj Chopra Talks About The Scary Injury Before The Olympics

The golden boy from the Khandra village near Panipat won hearts when he bagged the gold medal for the Javelin Throw in 2020. Neeraj Chopra is extremely soft-spoken and is down to earth. For one of our Sunday Brunch episodes, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. He discussed in detail his Olympic win, his injury right before the Summer Olympics, his first flight experience, and more. Watch this whole episode below.

Neeraj Chopra Recalls His Injury Before The Summer Olympics 2020

Neeraj sustained an elbow injury and had to undergo surgery. Basically, he got three to four tiny broken fragments of cartilage extracted from his elbow. It took a year to properly heal.  

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Neeraj goes on to say that he was a little scared before and after the surgery. It is crucial for him to have his arm functioning because the Olympics was right around the corner. As a matter of fact, it also takes a while to get back to full strength, and with the right training, he was able to achieve it.

He Discusses Mental And Physical Health, Which Is Crucial

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Mental and physical health are to be balanced perfectly for an athlete to function properly for the game. Neeraj goes on to say that both mental and physical state of being is very important. Physical fitness is obviously required for a Javelin throw.

To be able to compete against other masterminds, you have to be mentally strong as well. He further adds that the environmental conditions might not be the best during game time. It requires mental and physical strength to tackle rain and wind speed as well.

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We had a lovely time with Neeraj where we chatted and ate food that was on the healthier side, keeping in mind his physical fitness. As an athlete, he still prefers to eat milk and its products with proper homemade food. Check out the whole video to learn more about his life, his inspiration for Javelin, and how he started training for this during his childhood days.

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