Neeraj Chopra Loves His Gaav Wala Khaana Made With Doodh, Dahi & Ghee

by Ankita Mazumdar
Neeraj Chopra Loves His Gaav Wala Khaana Made With Doodh, Dahi & Ghee

The down-to-earth boy from the Khandra village near Panipat made history. Neeraj Chopra became a household name in 2020 for his gold medal in the Javelin Throw at Summer Olympics. This golden boy has many achievements and is growing in his career. During one of our exciting Sunday Brunch, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, and went on to share about his life and his magnificent Olympic win. To learn more, watch this episode below.

Neeraj Chopra Can’t Live Without Desi Khaana Made With Doodh, Dahi & Ghee

Neeraj is particular about his fitness and his food. In fact, he is a foodie just like us! The brunch served was kept rather on the healthier side, keeping track of his fitness. He admitted having a special place in his heart for his gaav ka khaana. Ghar ka khaana made with fresh milk, curd, and ghee gives him more strength.

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Further, he said that he eats Panipat street food once in a blue moon. He tells us that he prefers ghar ka khaana over anything else for a longer period of time. He also suggested having proper desi food enriched with doodh, dahi, and ghee when visiting Khandra.

He Pretended To Be Sick To Skip School

Neeraj Chopra, Sunday Brunch
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Didn’t we all pretend to have an upset stomach, headaches, or just fake fever to skip a day from school? Turns out, Neeraj did the same. He pretended to be sick and even tried the popular onion hack. Apparently, it makes you sick for a short time. Neeraj says that it did not really work for him.

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Did you know that his first paycheck was actually his scholarship money? Check out our Sunday Brunch with Neeraj Chopra video to find out more.

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