Did You Know Neeraj Chopra Is Still A Part Of The Indian Army?

by Ankita Mazumdar
Did You Know Neeraj Chopra Is Still A Part Of The Indian Army?

Neeraj Chopra went from winning a gold medal in the 2020 Summer Olympics to winning the hearts of Indians. He not only excels in Javelin Throw but has a charming personality. Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, sat down with Neeraj and had a discussion about his life, achievements, inspiration, food and more in this Sunday Brunch episode. To know more, watch them gorge on a hearty meal full of his favourite dishes below.

Neeraj Chopra’s Association With The Indian Army

The golden boy is much more than his javelin throws, and we were even more charmed to know of his association with the Indian Army. We asked him about his job relation with the Indian Army, and Neeraj shared that he has been a part of the army since the year 2016.  His reporting place is Raj RIF. Centre in Delhi Cantonment.

The army continues to support Neeraj for his passion and always has. The mindset of sportsmanship with determination and focus is equally essential to achieve in the army as well.  Later, he shares how he gets strongly inspired by Czech Republic’s Jan Zelezny, who holds the world record for javelin throw with 98.48m as of 2017.

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His First Paycheck Will Blow Your Mind

Neeraj Chopra
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This talented boy excels at everything he does, and we couldn’t be prouder. When asked about his first paycheck, this small-town boy from Haryana recalls that his first scholarship was his first paycheck. In the year 2014, he procured a gold medal junior and won a scholarship worth rupees two lakhs! He was completely overwhelmed, and it felt surreal to see this amount in his bank. Further, he continues that he wanted to support his family for daily needs, but they were considerate enough to let him use it for himself. 

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He was kind enough to enlighten us more about his life and how he got molded into a great javelin player rather than going for other games. Watch the entire video to learn more about his childhood days, his fitness journey, his Olympic journey, and other wonderful insights about Neeraj Chopra. 

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