Neeraj Chopra Watches Videos By These Channels For Inspiration

by Mallika Khurana
Neeraj Chopra Watches Videos By These Channels For Inspiration

Participating in the Olympics is a great honour, and winning a gold medal in these prestigious games is certainly an incomparable moment. It brings joy and fame not only to the athletes but also to the country they belong to. One such Indian athlete who fills every citizen with pride is the golden boy, Neeraj Chopra. After his glorious win in the javelin throw at the 2020 Summer Olympics, he instantly became a household name. His performance was spectacular, and the entire country cheered for him in unison. This small-town boy from Haryana won a million hearts along with the medal overnight. On one of our Sunday Brunch episodes, we had the honour to share a meal and a wonderful conversation with him as he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani.

Neeraj Chopra Watches These Videos For Motivation

Neeraj Chopra talked to us about the importance of mental health for athletes. He asserted that all players must focus on their mental well-being along with their physical fitness. The pressure that comes with representing the country on such massive platforms is certainly huge. 

We asked him what kind of inspiration he relied on before participating in these world-level championships. Apparently, he frequently streams videos by Jan Zelenzy, an athlete from the Czech Republic who holds a world record for javelin throw with 98.48m. He also shared that since Jan Zelenzy has already retired, he never got to meet him or play with him.

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He Is Associated With The Indian Army 

Sunday Brunch Neeraj Chopra
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We were under the impression that the Indian Army offered him a job after one of his big wins, and we wanted to know more about it. Neeraj shared that he has been associated with the army for 7 years now and first got the job in 2016. He also shared that even the army supports his decision to focus entirely on improving his skills as a sportsman.

From his first-ever paycheck to winning the gold medal in the Olympics and everything that followed that big moment, he shared it all with us on this episode. So, what are you waiting for? Watch it now!

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