Neeraj Chopra: You Have To Mentally Prepare Yourself A Lot For Big Competitions

by Ankita Mazumdar
Neeraj Chopra: You Have To Mentally Prepare Yourself A Lot For Big Competitions

Our golden boy is shining brighter than ever. Neeraj Chopra is forever responsible for making hearts swell with pride and honour. Recently, he won the gold medal at the World Athletics Championships 2023 for the Javelin Throw. He became the first Indian to do so and we have never been prouder! For one of our Sunday Brunch episodes, Neeraj accompanied our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. They converse about his Olympic win, his love for desi food, the great Summer Olympics 2020, his first flight experience, and more. Catch the whole episode below.

Neeraj Chopra Has To Mentally Prepare A Lot For Big Competitions

The pressure to win a gold medal for India is huge. There is immense training, talent, a balanced lifestyle, and adequate mental and physical well-being among other things. Neeraj told us that to be properly focused for competition, mental and physical health go hand in hand.

Further, he continued that for Javelin Throw physical strength is significantly needed. On the other hand, mental health has to be prepped and balanced for each and every competition. He highlighted that mental health is as crucial as physical health.

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There are other masterminds at play, and to compete with them, Neeraj has to be mentally prepared as well. Along with that, the environmental conditions might affect the game and it requires mental and physical strength to tackle rain and wind speed.

He Accidently Set This On Fire

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During our interesting conversation with Neeraj, we decided to play ’Never Have I Ever’. We asked him if he had set something on fire and he did have a response for that. It was not a big accident but occasionally he ends up burning his chai and daliya. Only because he got distracted while he was on his phone. We all relate to this problem, A LOT!

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Neeraj Chopra an athlete from the Khandra village near Panipat bagged the gold medal for the Javelin Throw in Summer Olympics 2020 and he has been unstoppable. We had a lovely time with Neeraj on our Sunday brunch episode. Check out the whole video to learn more about his life, Javelin’s journey, and his golden moment in the Summer Olympics 2020.

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