Netizens Are Applauding This Dutch Woman Who Learned To Cook Dosa From Her Mother In Law

by Shreya Ghosh
Netizens Are Applauding This Dutch Woman Who Learned To Cook Dosa From Her Mother In Law

It always feels great to gift something to our loved ones. And it gets more special if we make the gift ourselves and present them. A video went viral on Instagram recently of a Dutch woman preparing something for her loved ones and seeing her heartwarming gesture, the netizens are in awe. Social media certainly helps us to not only connect with people but also get to know about such sweet moments in everyone’s lives.

This Dutch Woman Learned To Cook Dosa From Her Mother-In-Law

An Instagrammer Prabhu Visha uploaded a very adorable video on his Instagram account that is making quite some rounds on the platform. His wife Stefanie Al is a dutch woman and she learns to cook authentic South Indian dishes from her mother-in-law in the kitchen. In the video, we can see that she cooks a range of delicacies such as dosa, idli, idiyappam, rava upma kulli paniyaram, poori, aapam, puttu, and coffee. Prabhu’s mother teaches Stefanie everything and helps her to make everything perfect. The video ends with the entire family sitting together and gorging on the yummy South Indian dishes and relishing them with their hands. Prabhu captioned the video, ‘Trying eating with hands it’s a different feel, it’s best to be explored than to be explained’. Check out the viral video here.

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Netizens Are Applauding These Cherished Moments!

The comment section of this cute video is so full of love and amusing reactions. Netizens are loving the video and how they are cooking the food and eating together, like a close happy family. A lot of comments are about Stefanie’s dedication to cooking such a lovely spread. And being a dutch woman and learning the Indian culture so much by heart looks so delightful. Some women are also sharing their stories of cooking after marriage.

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The desi culture of this dutch woman is impressing everyone. Shared on 19 August, this video now has over 8.2 million views with more than 269K likes and 360 comments.