Netizens Are Displeased With Blueberry & Strawberry Flavoured Samosas At Delhi Eatery. *Aloo’s Fillings Are Hurt*

by Shreya Ghosh
Netizens Are Displeased With Blueberry & Strawberry Flavoured Samosas At Delhi Eatery. *Aloo’s Fillings Are Hurt*

The food trends and experiments are going out of hand as people are blending very drastically opposite ingredients to cook new food. The primary food of the most recent weird food combinations is every Indian’s favourite ‘Samosa’. A Delhi eatery is serving various fruit-flavoured samosas and foodies are quite frustrated seeing it. Netizens, especially samosa lovers are very disappointed!

This Delhi Eatery Is Serving Blueberry & Strawberry Flavoured Samosas

Nestled in Mandir Marg, ‘Samosa Hub’ is the talk of the town for its spread of flavoured samosas. The reason for being so popular yet infamous is the bizarre combination of samosa with fruit’s taste. This Delhi restaurant serves samosas in different flavours such as Strawberry Samosa, Blueberry Samosa, Chocolate Samosa, Mango Samosa, Pineapple Samosa, Mix Fruit Samosa, Paan Samosa, and Orange Samosa. Samosa is a staple snack of every Indian household and such a bizarre experiment is not sitting well with people. These are basically some dessert options and not the typical salty and spicy samosa we usually eat.

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Foodies Are Very Disheartened With This Bizzare Experiment. Many Feelings And And Aloo’s fillings Are Hurt

Samosa is an emotion for all the Indians, and seeing such combinations of one of their favourite snacks, they are really very disappointed. Both the feelings of people and aloo fillings of samosa are genuinely hurt. Most Netizens are very much not appreciating this experiment of flavoured samosas and saying to put a stop to this. While very few found it unique.

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Such experiments and trials are increasing probably every other day. Most eateries and street shops are trying these things out to gain more and more attention with the help of food bloggers and then uploading the content on various social media platforms. But unfortunately, no one is liking these food trends anymore. Some foods that are most experimented with are Maggi, Tea, Gulab Jamun, and Pizza. The taste of these combinations can never beat the original dishes and delicacies.

What do you have to say about the fruit-flavoured samosas? Will you grab a bite from any of these?

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