“Never Wear Shorts!” Flight Attendant Shares Clothing Rules While Boarding A Flight!

by Shreya Rathod
“Never Wear Shorts!” Flight Attendant Shares Clothing Rules While Boarding A Flight!

We are familiar with the basic rules like arriving two hours before the flight timings and so on. However, did you know that it also includes clothing rules on a flight? A flight attendant shared information on why you should avoid certain clothes. Here is everything you need to know about things you need to keep in mind while boarding a flight.

Flight Attendant Shares Clothing Rules

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Although you would imagine that there aren’t any particular dress codes or regulations for flying, a flight attendant has given passengers the sound advice to “never wear shorts” onboard, and for good reason. In a video posted to the well-known app TikTok, the air steward cautioned passengers against wearing fashionable apparel items on aeroplanes.

Tommy Cimato outlined the crucial justification for why passengers shouldn’t bare their legs when flying. He issues a warning about the potential hygiene risk of wearing shorts in the video, which has received more than 4.8 million views to date.

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Advises You Should Follow

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He advises trying to not wear shorts on an aeroplane. Since you can never be sure of how clean anything will be, wearing trousers will help you stay healthier. He continued, imparting more crucial first-hand knowledge to his followers. He also stated to never push the flush button or lever with your bare hands. Always use a tissue or serviette instead of flushing since it’s plain disgusting and unhygienic.

And to remember to stay hydrated by drinking water! For each flight you take, you should bring roughly 16 ounces. Avoid dozing off or resting your head on the window. He also points out that ‘you’re not the only one who did it, and you have no idea how many adults or kids have wiped their hands or other objects on the window.’

Do not be reluctant to inform a flight attendant if you are feeling ill. If you need food, water, or an air sickness bag, please let them know because they are here to help.

People have commented stating that they are grateful for the advice. However, people have asked whether the ground staff doesn’t sanitise the flight.

At this, Tommy Cimato replied that the ground staff does its best but just in case they miss it.

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