New Food Trend Pizza Burger Gives Foodies The Best Of Both Worlds

by Ishita Agarwal
New Food Trend Pizza Burger Gives Foodies The Best Of Both Worlds

Being a fan of fast food always leaves us in the biggest dilemma of choosing between pizza and burgers. However, despite the alternatives and tastes, I believe we all can agree that blending two fast food dishes to develop something unique might disappoint our palate. Plus, it could potentially impair the flavor of the original food. Nevertheless, many individuals still prefer to experiment and develop combinations that could confound us. What if we can have Pizza and Burgers as one dish and enjoy the best of both worlds? Yes, we are talking about Pizza Burgers, which have become the new Internet sensation. Would you like to try these two together!? Isn’t it a lot to take in, right?

Different Experiments of Pizza Burger

Recently a video of a pizza burger joint that has gone viral has surfaced. A video provided by Instagram user @thegodlyfood shows them preparing and presenting the same dish as before. First, the chef built the dish on the foundation of a pizza. Then he arranged meat patties, chicken patties, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and cheese in the center of the plate. Next, they piled another delicious pizza on top of the first and then served the meal.



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Pizza Burger Created A Buzz On Social Media

Another eatery joint on Instagram known as @makemydaybakery_cafe has launched its pizza burger. This experiment has created a buzz all over social media. The pizza burger has the base of burger buns, and then they bake it. After that, they add toppings such as onions, capsicum, jalapeno, and other toppings. The pizza burger is served with double cheese, which will make you drool over it.



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There are many different opinions about this new experiment, as someone wrote, “Yummylicious.” On the other hand, one wrote, “why destroying the taste of original pizza,” and many more mixed reviews.

While this combination of Pizza Burger has left many with mixed opinions. What do you think about it? Will you try this delicious combination of having pizza and burger in one and having the taste of both in one!

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