New York Botanical Garden Is Hosting An Orchid Show Where You Can Witness 5500 Dazzling Orchids

New York Botanical garden
by Vaishalee Kalvankar

The Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx is one of the most anticipated shows. A fresh botanical aroma welcomes you on the paths filled with beautiful flowers. This annual orchid show will begin on February 18 and end on April 23. People visit this place to experience a lush tropical escape without having to actually leave the city. 

New York Botanical Garden Hosts A Mesmerising Orchid Show

The iteration, “Natural Heritage,”  for this year’s New York Botanical Show is designed by Lily Kwong, a landscape artist. The artist took inspiration for this iteration from something that has been passed down through generations in her family. The inspiration comes from classic paintings of Chinese mountainscapes that were passed down by her family from Shanghai. It includes her own heritage, her interpretation of nature as a healing force, and her medicinal traditions. 

She has also used concepts from Chinese garden design. She said that she has learned a lot from the mysticism of orchids. People will undoubtedly be taken in by the beauty of orchids, but they will also learn more about them and their transmission. This amazing and highly anticipated show features many orchids of various colours and designs, bringing the total to 5,500. 


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A Vibrant And Must-Experience Show 

The New York Botanical Show will be held at the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory’s Palm Court. As you walk inside, you will be welcomed by the sight of large mossy rocks covered with orchids in purple shades. These beautiful orchids and their reflection in the water give a complete visual treat to the visitors. This show has celebrated the biodiversity and beauty of orchids for the last 20 years. 

Jennifer Bernstein, CEO of this botanical garden, said that orchids are found on every single continent in the world except for Antarctica. She said that it’s their privilege to be able to exhibit one of the world’s most celebrated, beautiful creations and educate people with their research and conservation efforts in this show every year. The show is the best to visit anytime, but people visit it the most during Orchid Nights. 


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Make sure you do not miss this amazing Orchid Show.

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