Woman Makes Mashed Potatoes Out Of Lays In A Viral Video And Netizens Are Definitely Not Happy!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Woman Makes Mashed Potatoes Out Of Lays In A Viral Video And Netizens Are Definitely Not Happy!

We have all heard our mothers use or teach us hacks to make a dish if you fall short of one or two basic ingredients. Those hacks are totally life-saving ones because nothing can match the satisfaction of cooking the dish you craved so much. But not all hacks are actually lifesaving. In a viral video, a woman prepared mashed potatoes by replacing potatoes with Lays. Here is what netizens felt about it. 

Mashed Potatoes Using Lays Is The Hack We Never Needed

There are many viral videos that catch our attention either because they bring a smile to our faces or disgust us. In a viral video, a woman is seen emptying packets of Lays in a pan filled with hot water. She then goes on to give the viewers a step-by-step guide on how to make the dish. She first empties a packet of Lays in the pan and then adds milk to it. The next ingredient that goes into it is another packet of salt flavour Lays. This is followed by butter, cheese, and sauce. 

Throughout the process, she stirs the mixture until the chips lose all their crispiness and become soggy. Despite the fact that the dish resembled mashed potatoes, we assume that all of the viewers were unwilling to try it. The weird creation made using Lays was then served in a bowl, and she herself tasted it and loved it too. She then passed it to the person holding the camera for her to taste.

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Netizens Did Not Like This Hack

The video went viral in no time, as many people could not believe what they saw. “I mean, who ruins two packets of Lays to make something like mashed potatoes”, someone commented. The video posted on Instagram has by far received 12.6 million views and more than 1,87,741 likes. The netizens in the comments section expressed their unhappiness over the video. 

Many people called this video a guide on how to ruin a dish. They could not understand the need for such a dish. Some Netizens could not understand how some people had so much free time in their lives that they decided to create such weird recipes. 

mashed potatoes
Pic credits: @butwouldyoueat/Instagram

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