Food Doppelganger: This Viral Tweet Of An Indian Meal Shows The Similarities In India’s Rice Food Culture

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Food Doppelganger: This Viral Tweet Of An Indian Meal Shows The Similarities In India’s Rice Food Culture

You must have seen or met doppelgangers of celebrities many times, but have you heard about food doppelgangers? There are many food dishes in different parts of the world that look the same but are totally different in terms of their taste. Many times, a single country may have many food doppelgangers in different states. A viral tweet of an Indian meal showed us similarities in India’s rich food culture. 

Viral Tweet Of An Indian Meal

Recently, Madhura Rao, a Twitter user, tweeted a picture of an Indian meal that looked super delicious. The plate contained four dishes; three delicacies and one bowl of curry. She posted the picture with a caption that asked people to look at the meal and guess which part of India she was in. Many people began guessing the dishes in order to guess which part of India the picture was from. 

Many people guessed one of the dishes to be Noolpattu or Idiyappam, which is a staple in the state of Kerala in India. This made them guess that the person who tweeted this Indian meal is from Kerala. Some other people commented on the tweet that the leaf envelope on the plate might be Bengal’s famous Machher Paturi, which is basically fish baked in a leaf. Many guessed it to be patrani machhi, which is a similar fish dish in Parsi cuisine. 

India’s Rich Cuisine And The Similarities In The Dishes

One of the Netizens thought that the white dish, which was guessed as Noolpattu by others, was actually Kurdai, which is a beloved dish in Maharashtra’s Konkan. He also guessed the leaf envelope dish to be patolya, which is a dish made using leaves. The post has by far received 239.7K views and more than 1200 likes. People tried to guess the dishes until Madhura finally revealed the answer herself. 

She tweeted that the plate of an Indian meal is how she was welcomed in Karnataka’s Mangalore. She then went on to name the dishes for the netizens. The dishes on her plate were muddo (a rice cake steamed in a screw pine leaf), coriander-based curry, chicken sukka, and shevai, which are basically rice noodles.

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Did you guess the dishes right? Let us know below!

Cover Image Courtesy: @madhurarao/Twitter