New Yorkers Are Living The ‘High’ Life, Becomes City With The World’s Highest Cannabis Consumption

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
New Yorkers Are Living The ‘High’ Life, Becomes City With The World’s Highest Cannabis Consumption

You all must have heard about New York’s legalisation of marijuana in 2021. According to it, New Yorkers who are 21 and older have the right to possess, consume, buy, and transport up to three ounces of marijuana and up to 24 grams of concentrated cannabis. Hence, the rise of cannabis in NYC comes as no surprise. A recent study by the 2023 Cannabis Global Price Index found that New York City is the top city in the world for marijuana consumption. 

New Yorkers Are World’s Highest Cannabis Consumers

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2023 Cannabis Global Price Index’s recent study showed that the cannabis culture has grown so ingrained in urban life that it is the highest consumer of cannabis in the world. The consumption includes, but is not limited to, smoking, vaporising, and edibles. 

There are already recreational cannabis dispensaries all throughout the city, including Gotham, the city’s first high-end cannabis and culture shop, and many more are on the way. The state has authorized 53 additional applications for recreational cannabis stores in NYC.

According to the study, New Yorkers consume an average of 62.3 metric tonnes of marijuana annually. This surpasses fellow marijuana-loving domestic cities like Los Angeles (which comes in at 35 metric tonnes), Chicago (24.9), and Houston (18.5). It also surpasses international cities like Sydney (45.8 metric tonnes), Rome (21.9), and Tokyo (16.7).

All of these made it to the top 10 list of total global consumption, despite the fact that marijuana is illegal in those locations.

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Ranks On Another List As Well

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The statistics also showed which cities sold marijuana for the most and least money. New York City, compared to its American counterparts, was the fourth most costly city, costing $12.5 per gram. 

The city ranked after Washington, D.C., Seattle, and Killdeer, North Dakota.

In terms of cost, Portland, Oregon, where a gram costs $7, is the least expensive city in the United States. Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world to torque up, with a gram costing $33.80, while Montreal is the least costly, with a gram costing only $5.90.

The study also showed that the cost of marijuana per gram in the United States may decrease to $5.61 in 2030, which is good news for cannabis users in the country. (As per Timeout)

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