Next Time You’re In Mumbai, Take A Ride In This Uber Cool Auto-Rickshaw

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Next Time You’re In Mumbai, Take A Ride In This Uber Cool Auto-Rickshaw

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Experience a luxurious auto-rickshaw ride in Sandeep Bacche’s Auto-Rickshaw in Mumbai that comes equipped with LCD Television and Wifi!

What Is It?

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve spotted Sandeep Bachhe’s auto rickshaw pulling up on a street in Bandra of Mumbai. Sandeep has been running this auto rickshaw since past 18 years and is 40 years old now. With a family of five including his wife, father and two children, he lives in the Bandra-Khar area. His auto rickshaw is not difficult to spot as its the most unique one which comes fully equipped.

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What’s In It?

This luxury auto is also known for social work like free rides for the needy and raising donations for Cancer Patients. The rickshaw comes fully equipped with an LCD Television, a payphone, water and tea to keep the riders hydrated during their ride. Going for a long ride?  Worry not as it also has magazines and newspapers to keep you occupied and you will not believe this one, it even has a Wifi connection and a first aid box.

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Although, Sandeep started this when he found out the death of his mother happened due to Cancer. He has put a donation box where he receives about ₹2 after every ride. Once every month, he gives this donation to the Tata Memorial Hospital and Mount Mary church in Mumbai.


Name: Sandeep Bacche
Where: Bandra-Khar road, Mumbai


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