Nilgiris Earth Festival: The Mountains Are Calling You For This Unique Food Fest Like No Other

by Tejashee Kashyap
Nilgiris Earth Festival: The Mountains Are Calling You For This Unique Food Fest Like No Other

In the heart of the picturesque Nilgiri Mountains, where lush green landscapes meet the azure skies, a unique culinary celebration unfolds – the Nilgiris Earth Festival. The inaugural edition of the Nilgiris Wild Food Festival (NWFF) has now evolved into The Nilgiris Earth Festival (TNEF) for its second edition this year.

What Is The Nilgiris Earth Festival?

From December 19 to December 23, 2023, the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve will host the Nilgiris Earth Festival (TNEF). This celebration honours the natural significance of the UNESCO-recognized Biosphere Reserve, as well as the traditional and organic dishes. A programme of The Nilgiris Foundation, Slow Food International is a group that supports regional cuisine and customary cookery via the Slow Food Community – Nilgiris Local Food.

What began as a small initiative by a group of passionate individuals has now evolved into a significant annual event that attracts culinary enthusiasts, farmers, chefs, and environmentalists alike. A wide range of activities are scheduled, such as interactive cooking demonstrations, farm-to-table dining experiences featuring organic and local produce, exploring the flavours of the Badaga community, learning about the history of millets and rice, and interesting tea-tasting sessions led by experts.

Participants will embark on a rewarding, immersive, and diverse culinary adventure. The festival this year features a stellar roster of lecturers, chefs, and collaborators who are leaders in their respective industries. These people will mostly use food, tastings, and discussions about food and climate to express their expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication to having a good environmental impact.

As attendees embark on a gastronomic journey, they are invited to savour the flavours of local produce, witness culinary craftsmanship, and participate in discussions on sustainable food practices. The festival serves as a platform to celebrate the culinary diversity that defines Nilgiri cuisine.

What The Event Will Entail

A key highlight of the Nilgiris Earth Festival is its strong emphasis on the farm-to-table philosophy. Local farmers play a crucial role in the festival, showcasing their organic and sustainable farming practices. With Pravin Shanmughanandam and Varun Devaraj, discover the natural forest environment, explore prehistoric buildings, and learn about the forest, its products, and its practices.

Culinary workshops are also a significant part of the festival. Here attendees can learn cooking techniques, explore innovative recipes, and gain insights into sustainable food practices. Savour farm-to-table and wood-fire cooking, as well as high-elevation organic vegetables, with Vishanth Kumar. Discover superb, handcrafted Nilgiris tea together with a unique high tea meal with Sandeep Subramani.

Discover the environment of the native forest, see prehistoric buildings, and gain knowledge about the forest’s products and activities. ]Explore the native forest environment, explore prehistoric sites, and get knowledge about the forest’s products and activities. A full day of plenary discussions, native food demonstrations, educational workshops, and artisanal booths are planned.

Beyond the delectable dishes, the Nilgiris Earth Festival stands out for its commitment to sustainability. Chefs participating in the festival are encouraged to use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Additionally, in return, it helps in reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transportation.

The Nilgiris Earth Festival is more than just a culinary event. It is a celebration of the Nilgiri region’s rich cultural heritage, culinary diversity, and commitment to sustainable living. So, are you heading to this festival?

Where: December 19 to December 23, 2023
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Cover image credits: Instagram/The Nilgiris Foundation

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