No AC, Not More Than 50 People At Weddings And Events In Karnataka

weddings and events in karnataka
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 2392

If you and your bae are tired of convincing your families about a small, simple wedding in Karnataka, then we have news for you. Your wish has come true, no thanks to the fairy godmother, but the coronavirus lockdown. The Karnataka government has issued several guidelines for conducting weddings and other events in the state. For starters, guests have to install the Aarogya Setu App on their phones. Apart from this, you can bid sayonara to the AC at your wedding hall and only welcome a maximum of 50 guests. This is just the beginning. Read on to find out more about the lockdown guidelines to be followed in Karnataka during weddings and other events.

weddings and events in karnataka

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Guidelines To Be Followed During Weddings & Events In Karnataka

An advisory by the Department of Health and Family Welfare Services stated that in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Centre has planned to ease the lockdown in a phased manner. Guidelines have been provided for the same. The document released by the government states that necessary prior permission and travel passes for such events need to be obtained from local authorities. There should not be more than 50 guests at the event, and it should be organized in a suitable public place, with natural ventilation. So this means, no air conditioning will be allowed during the event.

weddings and events in karnataka

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Use Of Sanitizers, Face Masks & Physical Distancing Compulsory

The directive also prohibits people from containment zones from attending such events. It further states that people aged below 10 years and above 65 years are not permitted to attend them. Pregnant women will not be permitted to attend the celebrations as well. Thermal screening and the use of sanitizers at the entry point of the venture has been mandated. If anyone is found to have a cold, cough, fever or breathing difficulties, then they wouldn’t be permitted to attend the event and should be immediately advised to seek medical help. Each and every person might wear face masks and maintain a physical distance of more than one metre. The advisory also stressed that the consumption of liquor, pan, gutkha and tobacco during the event is not permitted.

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weddings and events in karnataka

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Small, Simple & Safe Weddings In Karnataka

A report by The News Minute stated that the venue must be maintained hygienically. Spitting in public is strictly prohibited. According to the advisory, a nodal person will be identified to oversee the arrangements and coordination at the venue. It also added that a list of the people attending the wedding or event, with their contact details must be maintained. So those of you planning to get married in the near future in Karnataka, keep these guidelines in mind. This might be the small, simple and safe wedding that you didn’t know you wanted, but you do need it. Did you know Study Suggests Indian Millennials Go On Virtual Dates To Know Their Matches Better?

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