Singles In Bangalore Are Taking Bizarre Online Relationship Courses Amid Lockdown

Bangalore online relationship courses
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1269

When Atif Aslam sang in his rich baritone, “Doori..sahi jaye na” who knew it would be a prophetic message for every ‘single and ready to mingle’ denizen out in the world? With the end of the lockdown as far as infinity, single people in Bangalore are stepping up a notch to learn about relationships in the hopes of spending quality time with their ‘Babu’ and ‘Shona’. The singles in the Garden City who are experiencing ‘doori’ both literally and metaphorically are now taking bizarre online relationship courses, like how to make a relationship last, amid lockdown.

Bangalore online relationship courses

Picture Credits: Times Of India

What’s In It?

Dating app- nah!, neighboring hotties- cannot! Where does one single person go to find love? Well, the solution can be out there for all you singles out there. So get out your notepad cause the lesson starts here. Now there are online courses that many singles in Bangalore are taking to understand a relationship and many of the hot topics are ‘How to get back your ex’, ‘How to make a relation last’ along with some quirky online courses like ‘Essential oils for relationships’, ‘Sun sign compatibility’ and ‘How to win your former lover back’.

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What’s More?

This lockdown seems to have enlightened a writer from Bangalore who said, “I am in my late 30s. Evenings in Bengaluru were usually filled with activities with friends — be it watching a play, going to a concert, or just chilling at a pub. Being alone at home during this lockdown has not been cool. It has made me realize why I should look for someone. I chose to try a course on getting over my ex, to begin with.”  Did you know Study Suggests Indian Millennials Go On Virtual Dates To Know Their Matches Better?

Bangalore online relationship courses

For those who frown upon such actions, we feel it is a good chance for people to build up to something more than a momentary fling. This also signifies that many people are using this downtime to reflect and realize their past mistakes and improve upon them for a better and more enriching relationship tomorrow. Besides, when so many boast of the online courses they take on Linkedin, why should the matters of the heart fall far behind?

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