No Lunch, Strict Diet & 11-Minute Workout, Here’s A Peek Into King Charles’ Health Regime

Here’s a quick look at the years of healthy routine followed by King Charles, amid the news of his recent diagnosis of cancer.

by Tashika Tyagi
No Lunch, Strict Diet & 11-Minute Workout, Here’s A Peek Into King Charles’ Health Regime

It was recently revealed that British monarch King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. It was shocking news for people across the world, especially because he is believed to have led a healthy lifestyle throughout his life. His diet and health routines have been shared in various interviews and even in the list of 70 facts released by Clarence House in 2018 on King Charles’ 70th birthday. It was revealed that he has a rigid workout and diet plans. He consumes healthy and balanced meals, exercises regularly, and also takes just two meals a day.

Regular Workouts & Clean Diet, Here’s A Look Into King Charles’ Routine

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If you have ever wondered what a king’s life looked like, then here’s a peek into the lifestyle led by King Charles. In a list of facts that was released on his 70th birthday by Clarence House in 2018, it was revealed that the then-prince “does not eat lunch.” For years, he has been restricting himself to just two meals a day. As for his food choices, it is said that he sticks to plant-based food to remain healthy. He restricts eating meat and fish to twice a week. He also avoids dairy products once a week and likes to have fruits for dessert. King Charles takes a late breakfast and usually has cheesy baked eggs with tea.

The royal does an 11-minute workout with stretches, sit-ups, back and leg raises, push-ups and on-the-spot running with 10 eagle jumps on every 75 steps. This workout routine is often referred to as the 5XB plan. It comprises the five basic exercises followed by the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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British Monarch’s Battle With Cancer, News That Shocked The World


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In a statement released by Buckingham Palace recently, it was disclosed that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. This was discovered while the King was on his regular check-up in the hospital. Thankfully, he has already commenced a schedule of regular treatments but will be avoiding public-facing duties for some time.

We hope for a speedy recovery for the king and hope for his healthy life.

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