No Metro Access To The Mall Of The Emirates For Next Week; Here’s Why!

Here's why the Mall of the Emirates will be temporarily off-limits this week!

by Deeplata Garde
No Metro Access To The Mall Of The Emirates For Next Week; Here’s Why!

Ever wondered why your grand plans for a mall adventure might hit a block this week? Well, hold on to your shopping bags because here’s the scoop on why the Mall of the Emirates is about to become the no-entry zone if you plan on visiting the spot by Metro.

Civil Defence Drills & Mall Entrance Closure News!

Get ready to witness some serious mall-wide action, folks! The Mall of the Emirates is gearing up for a Civil Defence-driven evacuation exercise that’s guaranteed to shake things up. From 8.30 am on Wednesday, February 21, until further notice, the metro entry and exit points will be sealed tighter. If you’re planning a stroll through the mall corridors during this time, think again! Warning signs and closed doors! A bold warning sign en route to the Mall of the Emirates metro stop is your first clue that something big is brewing!

What’s Still On Track?

Dubai Metro
Pic credits: Twitter/DXBMediaOffice

But fear not, intrepid travellers of the Dubai Metro! While the mall through this entrance may be off-limits, your trusty metro service remains unaffected. So, if your destination is the Mall of the Emirates stop, hop on and off to your heart’s content, just don’t expect to browse the latest fashion trends while you’re there. And for those itching to catch a bus, fear not! The exit to the bus station will be business as usual, ensuring that your commute remains smooth sailing amidst the drill.

Civil Defence To The Rescue

So why all the fuss, you ask? Well, it turns out that the Civil Defence isn’t just here to rain on our shopping parade, it’s all about preparation. These drills are part and parcel of Dubai’s commitment to safety, ensuring that our beloved hangouts are ready to handle anything life throws their way. So, let’s give a nod of appreciation to the folks keeping us safe and sound.

So there you have it, folks, the inside scoop on why the Mall of the Emirates is off-limits this week. So grab and just make sure to steer clear of those closed doors!

Cover Image Courtesy: Visit Dubai/ Website

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