No Patakas! Delhi Bans Sale & Use Of Firecrackers Till January 1, 2023

by Sushmita Mahanta
No Patakas! Delhi Bans Sale & Use Of Firecrackers Till January 1, 2023

It is no secret that the Delhi government is very serious about controlling pollution. And to relieve the people of Delhi from the pollution caused by the burning of firecrackers, the Delhi Government has banned all forms of firecracker production, storage, sale, and use till January 1, 2023. Along with the ban, there’s also a restriction on the online purchase and distribution of firecrackers in Delhi.

Delhi’s Government Aims To Save People’s Lives From Danger, Bans Patakas In Diwali

Minister Gopal Rai took to  Twitter to inform about the ban. He says, “In order to save people from the danger of pollution in Delhi, like last year, this time also, the government has also banned the online sale and delivery of firecrackers.”

He added, “This time there will also be a ban on online sale/delivery of firecrackers in Delhi. This restriction will remain in force till January 1, 2023. An action plan will be drawn up with Delhi’s Police, DPCC, and Revenue Department for strict enforcement of the ban.”

Last year, there were many mishaps involved while bursting crackers due to their easy availability. This year, the government does not want any financial loss to the traders and dealers. Hence, to avert any such situation, it has been decided to implement a complete ban.

Minister Gopal Rai’s Message To The Residents Of Delhi

While Delhi’s Diwali has always been about pomp and joy this time the government wants to ensure no one is harmed. And the rising pollution levels at the Indian Capital are a cause of concern.

Rai said, “Delhi government is very serious about controlling pollution. To control pollution, the government is preparing a winter action plan based on 15 focus points. In the coming days, various campaigns will be executed according to the Winter Action Plan, so that pollution can be controlled. In such a situation, we appeal to the residents of Delhi to cooperate with the government to control pollution.”

He addressed Delhiites and said, “We simply have one message for Delhi residents: celebrate Diwali by lighting diyas and distributing sweets. While it is important to celebrate Deepavali with grandeur, we also have a responsibility to curb pollution.”

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News Source: Twitter/Gopal Rai