Not 46 Mins, But You May Be Able To Travel From DXB To Palm Jumeirah In Just 6 Mins By 2026

by Anupriya Mishra
Not 46 Mins, But You May Be Able To Travel From DXB To Palm Jumeirah In Just 6 Mins By 2026

At the third edition of the Dubai Congress for Self-Driving Transport, many exciting revelations and innovations in the world of mobility were revealed to the public. Besides, the highly talked about driverless taxis, flying taxis that are set to launch in Dubai by 2026 also created quite a stir. According to an air mobility expert, the emirate would have these high-speed flying taxis by 2026, as revealed in the event. Here’s all about the upcoming air taxis in Dubai!

Dubai Air Taxis To Take Off In 2026

Duncan Walker, CEO of Skyports revealed during his address at the Dubai Congress for Self-Driving Transport, which was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre that air mobility is important for not just transporting goods but even people. And Dubai is certainly an exceptional model in air travel, globally. He also mentioned that this much-talked-about project is expected to start operation operations in 2026 with the venture (read eVTOL) having the capacity to travel a distance of 241 km. Not to mention, their cruising speed will also be up to 300 km per hour! However, he also mentioned that building an ultra-modern vertiport at premium locations is the key factor that will ensure the success of aerial taxes.

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Travel Time To Be Reduced Drastically?

Dubai Air Taxi
Pic credits: Instagram/rta_dubai

It should be mentioned here that the vertiports will be coming up at four locations – Dubai International Airport, Palm Jumeirah, Marina, and Downtown. So, this means that travelling from DXB to Palm Jumeirah, which ideally takes 46 minutes will be slashed to just six minutes, when the air taxes will be introduced. Talking more about this, it was also mentioned that the aircraft, which is called eVTOL, can accommodate a pilot and up to 4 passengers at a time. And these aircraft will land and take off on the vertiports.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the vertiport will also have the capacity to accommodate several drones and will also be equipped to facilitate the recharging of eVTOLs.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/hhshkmohd