Not Goa Or Gokarna, This Stunning Beach Is In Uttar Pradesh

by Sanmita A
by Sanmita A 243

With spiritual destinations, peaceful ghats, mausoleums and beautiful temples, Uttar Pradesh is a traveller’s paradise who want to experience India’s culture at its best. There are over 30+ attractions in the states which draws travellers from across India and the world. And amid this pool of diversity, a beach caught our attention. Normally, when we think of a beach, places like Goa, Gokarna, Vizag and Chennai pop up in our heads. Now, you do not have to travel down South in order to experience a beach but can witness the beauty of one in UP itself.

A Beach Hidden By A Tiger Reserve

This stretch of land by the tiger reserve is unlike the beach you regularly see but has scores of trees and a pleasing newly constructed tree house. Imagine watching the waters from the treehouse and spotting wildlife. Spectacular feeling right? Well, that’s what Chuka beach has in store for its visitors. The beach is located within the vicinity of the Philbit tiger reserve area between the Sharda canal and the Sharda Sagar dam.

The area has recently had a decent footfall and used to be one of the unexplored areas in Uttar Pradesh. Pilibhit tiger reserve, in the outskirts of this small town, Pilibhit. You can reach the place within an hour of drive from Bareilly. And yes, since the area is located by the Indo-Nepal border, the weather on Chuka beach is comfortable. The best time to visit is during winter. Summers can be quite hot!

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Other Things To Do At Chuka

The beach is meant to be a place where you relax and enjoy stunning views. But apart from that, the tourism authorities have ensured travellers enjoy a wholesome experience while at Chuka. You can go boating and even explore the tiger reserve with a guide to see the wildlife.

And, yes, don’t forget to enjoy the food there. And if you are a food enthusiast, we are sure the Indian and Nepalese food available there is surely going to impress you.

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