Not Just Amsterdam, You Can Now Get High In Cannabis Cafes In Bangkok

by Shreya Ghosh
Not Just Amsterdam, You Can Now Get High In Cannabis Cafes In Bangkok

It has been some time since Thailand decriminalised cannabis officially in June 2022. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the first and the only county at the moment to decriminalise this drug. In fact, a few years back in 2018, Thailand also became the first Southasian country to legalise cannabis for medical uses. And now with the decriminalisation of the drug, Bangkok is witnessing the opening of cannabis cafes.

Travel To Bangkok To Get High In Cannabis Cafes!

There are some destinations in this vibrant city that are the ultimate tourist attractions. In this large city, Khao San is such a place and it is a mandate in most tourists’ itineraries, especially backpackers. And now the talk of the town is ‘RG420’. Nestled in Khao San, Bangkok, this cafe is gaining massive attention from tourists all around for being a cannabis cafe. The place is jam-packed with tourists from different countries and locals as well. Hundreds of people are coming to this cafe every day.

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Such Cannabis Cafes Will Be A Boost To Promote Tourism!

At the moment, there are many similar cannabis cafes in Bangkok after the decriminalisation. And the owners of these cafes are quite optimistic about the establishment of these outlets. They feel that these cannabis cafes will help in giving a great push to the tourism industry in Bangkok. It is true that lively and always packed up destinations like Thailand are witnessing a drop in the percentage of tourists post the Covid-19 pandemic. And such cafes are putting extra efforts to bring back the tourism sector like before.

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Just before coronavirus hit the world, Thailand witnessed about 40 million foreign visitors in the country in 2019. The number dropped to 2 million foreign tourists during the first half of 2022. The percentage has drastically decreased. Thailand’s government said that they are using the drug for medical purposes only. Also, they strictly announced that anyone caught smoking in public is still a crime. In fact, if anyone is caught in such a situation, he/she is subject to a potential sentence of 3 months and a fine of 25,000 Thai baht.