Not Just Jerusalem, But There’s A Solomon’s Church Right Here In Mizoram, The Largest In The State

by Tejashee Kashyap

As Mizoram continues to evolve, the Solomon’s Church remains a symbol of the state’s cultural and architectural heritage. With its unique design, historical significance, and cultural importance, Solomon’s Temple is a captivating subject that deserves a closer look. With its unique design, historical significance, and cultural importance, the temple is a captivating subject that deserves a closer look.

Mizoram’s Architectural Marvel

The architecture of Solomon’s Temple is a fusion of modern and traditional elements. It doesn’t adhere to the conventional spire-and-dome design seen in most Christian places of worship. The design showcases a perfect blend of contemporary design concepts with indigenous Mizoram culture.

It is a striking example of contemporary Mizo architecture, which combines local materials and craftsmanship with a touch of modern design. The church is built on a hill, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the city of Aizawl.

The most distinctive feature of the Solomon Church is its stunning contemporary design. The church building is characterised by its towering spires, angular rooflines, and expansive glass windows, which allow an abundance of natural light to flood the interior. Moreover, the construction gives it a sense of transparency and openness.

According to reports, the church is the first place of worship in Mizoram to be built out of marble and was constructed using specially imported white marble. Also unique in Asia, it is the only one Solomon’s Temple. It was constructed by the religious organisation Kohhran Thianghlim (Holy Church), which is still in operation today. It is located in Kidron Valley, Chawlhmun, on the western fringes of Aizawl.

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How The Marvel Came Into Being

The temple’s foundation stone laid in 1996.  The building finds inspiration from the ancient Solomon’s Temple of Jerusalem mentioned in the Old Testament, started in 1997. The church can accommodate 10,000 people in its courtyard. In addition, it is referred to as the “porch of Solomon’s Temple,” and 3,000 people in the main hall.

The temple complex features a natural park enclosed in its grounds with a variety of forest trees that offer shade and fruit to wildlife. Visitors to the temple can eat there. Additionally, the complex includes a polyclinic hospital along with a social service centre that offers addiction treatment and an educational facility.

What Other Attractions To Watch In Mizoram

Mizoram is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and culture aficionados. From serene lakes to rugged peaks, from vibrant cultural experiences to tranquil valleys, Mizoram has it all. Moreover, this state invites travellers to explore its treasures and immerse themselves in its unique charm.

Located near Phura Village, Palak Lake is a serene water body. Then, there is the “Blue Mountain,” Phawngpui which is the highest peak in Mizoram.  Additionally, It is home to numerous enchanting waterfalls, with the Vantawng Falls being one of the most impressive. Drive off to Tamdil Lake which is a placid and pristine lake located about 85 kilometres from Aizawl. Visit Unakoti, an archaeological and heritage site known for its intricately carved rock-cut sculptures.

So, with its pristine landscapes, hospitable people, and rich traditions, Mizoram is a destination that should be on every traveller’s bucket list.

Cover image credits: Wikimedia Commons

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