Not Plum Cake Or Eggnog, These Are 7 Traditional Christmas Desserts From India

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 2238

Christmas is just around the corner. And while you’ve already started stocking up on boxes of plum cakes,  gingerbread men and eggnog, it’s time you sink your teeth into traditional Christmas desserts from India. So, if you’re not sure where the list for amazing Indian Christmas desserts start from, then let’s help you don the Santa Claus cap and get the Christmas feeling going! Here are 7 traditional Christmas desserts from India, that are crispy, sugary and all things sweet.

1. Nevreo

Your guide to Christmas goodies from India, stars from nevreo. This dessert plays an important role in Goan Christmas platter called Kuswar. The crescent-shaped sweet puffs have a coconut, semolina and cardamom filling. So they are crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside. In other words, nevreo is the gujiya for Christmas. It’s not too sweet and its crispiness makes it all the more addictive.

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2. Avalose Unda

Avalose Unda is a famous Syrian Christmas snack in Kerala. This is a rice and jaggery laddoo which is made many times of the year in the coastal state.  But it adorns the Christmas tables of many households. This snack is called nallu mani palharam or a (4’o’clock snack). It has many health benefits as it’s prepared with rice powder, sugar or jaggery and coconut. Avalose Unda is a must have for all those desi folks who love trying out laddoos.

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3. Achappam Rose Cookies

You might have tried the regular chocolate chip cookies, but if you haven’t tried Kerala’s Achappam Rose Cookies then what have you been upto? This deep-fried sweet is prepared from rice flour. It has a gorgeous rose shape, which will captivate you instantly. Achu refers to the rose-shape mould used for it. And appam means the rice-flour batter used. You might find it similar to Europe’s rosette cookies that’s a deep fried dish prepared from flour. Nevertheless, it’s a unique Indian Christmas dish that you must try this festive season.

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4. Kulkuls

Inspired from the Portuguese Filhoses Enroladas, a rose like rolled pastry, kulkuls screams Christmas! This Goan dessert or snack is also called kidiyo, which mean worms in Konkani. While this might not sound appetising, kulkuls shaped like worms, shells or curls are sweet and crispy. This is a dessert which is as  fun to prepare as it is to eat. You need to roll the dough with forks and store it in an air tight container. When you wish to eat, just deep fry them and enjoy them super hot. Might we add that they’re super addictive!

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5. Ariselu

Ariselu or Arisa is a popular Christmas dessert specially enjoyed in South Indian states like Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Prepared with jaggery syrup, rice flour, ghee, cardamom and sesame seeds, ariselu is soft and sweet. This dish is easy to whip up and savour with your family. It’s usually consumed during the winter season, as the sesame seeds in ariselu help balance the body temperature.

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6. Dodol

Dudol is a velvety Goan delicacy that will take your taste buds on a heavenly journey.  This is a mandatory Christmas dessert made with coconut milk jaggery, dry fruits and rice flour. While t takes quite some time for preparation, it’s worth the wait. Dodol is a toffee dessert also popular in Indonesia. The Goan version of dodol is a wonderul post meal dessert that will leave you feeling cool and light.

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7. Bolinhas

Goa offers a variety of amazing Christmas sweets. And the bolinhas, is a special treat to make your Christmas, a merry one. With the goodness of coconut, sugar and rava, these cookies are cripsy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s a lovely tea time snack that laces every Christmas plate in Goa. Families have their own secret recipes to prepare traditional bolinhas, nevertheless, you’ve got to try one to visit Goa through its flavours.

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Dessert lovers! These were the 7 Christmas desserts from India you must try to get all jolly these festive season. Sink your teeth into these sinfully divine treats as you have a Merry Christmas!

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