These Indian Cities Are Known For Their Christmas Celebrations And Now We Know Why!

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 1076

Our beautiful diverse incredible India is a melting pot of many cultures. The interaction of different faiths, languages, culinary styles and attitudes gives birth to unique traits that Indians carry from one state to another. The best example of this is the heart-warming language, Urdu, which was born out of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. In this very vain, Christmas takes on its own life in different forms at every place. Let’s take a look at what Christmas means to Indians and how they revel together in unity in their own different ways. Carol Singing, Decorations, Midnight Mass And More! That’s How Delhi’s Iconic Sacred Heart Cathedral Celebrates Christmas!

1. Shillong

Almost half the population here follow Christianity. It’s no surprise then that Christmas is the biggest affair of all. A grand and authentic celebration engulfs the city with decorations, food and shopping. Weeks of preparation brings a happy cloud that protects the people from bad vibes during Christmas. Music and hospitality are key traits of the festive spirit in Shillong.


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2. Kerala

A whopping 19% of the state’s population are Christian. That means grand celebrations across the state. Dry fruit cakes are very popular gifts. They’re available at every other bakery too. Many believers fast from the beginning of the month until Christmas Day. People decorate their homes with lanterns and Christmas trees. A unique feature of the celebrations here is the tradition local custom to decorate one’s house with a crib. Midnight Masses are the high point of their celebrations.

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3. Goa

There are 400 churches in Goa! The whole city is abuzz with church services. People are in high spirits and the food represents their enthusiasm. Roast turkey, pork sorpotel and an assortment of grilled seafood and most importantly, Goa’s famous dessert Bebinca are all available everywhere. You can go visit one of the iconic Portuguese churches or just lay back at a beach and watch the fireworks.


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4. Pondicherry

Christmas markets in Pondicherry welcome tourists every year. Lanterns, local food, pretty tinsels and stars are some of the popular things that people buy there. The Marche de Noel or Christmas market is a must visit that time of year. Beach bums can spend all day and all night enjoying the year’s best weather for beaches!

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5. Mumbai

Christmas is a public holiday which the locals make the most of. Tiny Christmas trees are everywhere with people in the festive spirit. Bombay is all about the vibe and the people never fail on that. Restaurants across the city have brunches and dinners for the special day. Clubs also celebrate with grand parties. The cosmopolitan city that never sleeps, is not going to go early to bed on Christmas Eve.

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6. Bangalore

The week leading to Christmas slowly begins to make room for fairy lights, Christmas decorations and lanterns all around the city. The celebrations don’t end on Christmas Day here. In fact, it is the day after Christmas that brings families closer. Relatives visit one another with gifts to celebrate Boxing Day with some family time. Witness India’s Tallest Christmas Tree At Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore.

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7. Daman and Diu

The coastal town of Daman and the small island of Diu together form on Union Territory. This place used to be a Portuguese colony and is home to a beautiful Baroque structure from the time. St. Paul’s Church hosts a Midnight Mass like no other every year. Cultural shows and Corrindinho Portuguese dance forms shine brighter than all their decorations and lights during Christmas season.

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8. Chennai

Vibrant, quirky and warm, Christmas in Chennai is a unique experience. Celebrating Christmas in hot weather is an experience of it own. Locals spend the day with family. Relatives from all over the country generally come back to their hometown because of the convenient timing of Christmas break. The places are a little more crowded than usual due to this but, every place is crowded more than usual during Christmas!

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The way that this secular country embraces every festival warms our hearts. one thing that will never change here is multiculturalism. Call it an excuse to party or an integrated community, it’s just great the way it is!

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