Not Tokyo, Kashmir Is Covered In Carpet Of Orange Leaves This Autumn Season

by Sanjana Shenoy
Not Tokyo, Kashmir Is Covered In Carpet Of Orange Leaves This Autumn Season

India’s Switzerland, Kashmir Valley is covered in a carpet of orange leaves as the august season hit its peak. With foggy weather, the foliage of golden brown leaves, blanketing the environment, it’s a magical destination to set your foot in. Forget visiting international destinations like Tokyo during the autumn season, just head to Kashmir. From snow-capped peaks, fresh white snow during the winters to the maple leaves-strewn autumn season, it’s a fairytale land that promises an era-worth of memories.

Autumn Season In Kashmir Is A Sight To Behold

‘Harud’ the autumn season in Kashmir is characterised by golden brown maple leave of Chinar trees. They undergo a transformation from bright green in summers to orange in autumn. Tourists across the country flocked to visit the Mughal Gardens, Shalimar and Harwan gardens just to catch a glimpse of the autumn beauty. A sight to behold, the pathways are blanketed in the foliage of leaves as the soft autumn breeze sweeps the visitors off their feet.

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Chinar Tree Gardens In Kashmir Are Filled With Golden-Brown Leaves

Kashmir Valley welcomed the winter season from September 23 this year. Chinar trees are the highlight. ‘Che Nar’, derived from the Persian name for ‘fire’, undergoes a transformation from blood-red, golden to yellow in the two months of the autumn season. The trees were brought from Persia during the Mughal period. And it forms a major landscape in the historic gardens of the Kashmir Valley. Some of the finest Chinar gardens in Kashmir are in Srinagar, Anantnag and Ganderbal. You’ve got to visit Kashmir to experience the post-card like scenic views there.