This Kashmir Village Banned Dowry & Lavish Weddings To Protect Its Daughters

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Kashmir Village Banned Dowry & Lavish Weddings To Protect Its Daughters

Sometimes, the biggest changes happen in the smallest places. A tiny village in Kashmir has taken a giant step forward to ban dowry and lavish weddings to protect its daughters. Nestled in the south of Sindh Valley, the village of Baba Wayil with a small population of 1000 people has set a noble example of a changed society. All villagers at Baba Wayil have officially signed a stamp paper to abolish the dowry system from their region. Read on to know more about this inspiring tale.

Baba Wayil Village In Kashmir Abolishes Dowry System

According to Indiatimes, the document signed by the villagers of Baba Wayil states that no one has the right to demand, TV, jewellery, refrigerator, clothes etc from the bride’s family. Furthermore, violators will be socially boycotted, denied entry to the mosque and the person or family will be banned from burying their dead in the local graveyard. The document also directs the groom to pay at least ₹15,000 as marriage settlement and ₹20,000 to the bride for her wedding shopping. Baba Wayil has implemented this law to protect its daughters, after witnessing a rose in dowry cases and its resulted sufferings.

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The Village Also Bans Lavish Weddings To Protect Its Daughters

The village sarpanch, Altaf Shah revealed to Indiatimes that dowry is evil and has made the lives of women miserable, so it’s the role of the villagers to save their sisters. Baba Wayil also aims to ban lavish weddings and encourage simpler weddings like those performed in the 19th century. The initiative taken up by a tiny village in Kashmir is indeed an inspiring change. We hope bigger cities soon follow suit. Meanwhile, do check out Kamiya Jani’s vlog on places to visit in Kashmir.