Not Traffic Police, Now Worry About Answering Your Boss On Violating Traffic Rules In Bengaluru

Bengaluru police have started notifying companies about how their employees are violating traffic rules. 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Not Traffic Police, Now Worry About Answering Your Boss On Violating Traffic Rules In Bengaluru

You must have seen traffic police halt vehicles and scold the drivers or riders for violating traffic rules. They also impose fines for the same. But how about your boss being notified about you violating traffic rules? Sounds strange? Well, this is going to be the case soon, as Bengaluru police have started notifying companies about how their employees are violating traffic rules. 

Boss Will Be Notified About Traffic Rule Violation In Bengaluru

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to The Indian Express, the Bengaluru police have begun informing businesses about the traffic infractions committed by their employees as part of an innovative campaign to increase awareness about road safety and traffic laws. 

About 15 days ago, the project was launched in Bengaluru’s east division on an experimental basis. First, employees of IT companies who rode two-wheelers on the wrong side of the road were flagged down by traffic police officers. They forwarded a list of infractions to every business. 

The Mahadevapura traffic police division, which is in charge of Bengaluru’s information technology corridor, is now conducting the drive. Inspector Ramesh R. of the Mahadevapura traffic police said that the programme is merely an experiment to observe if riders become more aware of traffic laws and road safety.

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Promoting Traffic Laws And Road Safety

Pic credits: Canva

As part of the campaign, they look up the violator’s company on his identity card when they apprehend him. The businesses and tech parks under our division’s purview are communicated with by the traffic department, says Ramesh R. 

They use WhatsApp to send the corporations a list of the riders’ infractions. Moreover, they issue online challans rather than spot fines for infractions. They also submit the total number of infractions that employees of a company have accounted for, but they don’t send any personal information. 

Bengaluru traffic police advise that the business or the tech park’s head of security set aside a day to promote traffic laws and road safety. They advise them to summon the police over for a traffic rules lesson as well. 

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An Operation To Stop Overloading

Bangalore Bandh
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The initiative’s sole goal is to make sure that everyone abides by the law. In this manner, the staff members will become more aware of traffic laws and consider their actions before breaking them. To manage traffic appropriately, the traffic department collects data on a daily basis regarding the number of private vehicles that enter tech parks along the IT corridor.

Manas Das, head of the Outer Ring Road Companies Association, expressed uncertainty about its potential impact. The programme will only be partially effective if the firm doesn’t confront the employee directly about the infraction and hold a discussion about it. 

The police launched an operation on Thursday to target cars that were transporting more students than was permitted. During the drive, 1,400 cars were inspected, and 708 cases were booked across 48 traffic police stations. Of these, 29 more vehicles, 134 Omni vans, 201 other vans, 97 autorickshaws, and 247 buses have overloaded tickets under the Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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