Not Winter Tourism, Sun Tourism Is The Latest Trend In Himachal Pradesh

by Sanjana Shenoy
Not Winter Tourism, Sun Tourism Is The Latest Trend In Himachal Pradesh

Think of a trip to Himachal Pradesh and you’d instantly plan a winter trip. The snowcapped mountains, dreamy cable car ride with stunning views of snowy peaks, and skiing escapades would entice you to keep your calendars free for a December trip. But Himachal is currently witnessing a new trend and that is sun tourism. What is sun tourism? Read on as we throw light on this new tourism trend.

Sun Tourism Catches Up In Himachal Pradesh

While visiting hilly destinations during the winter season sounds ideal —the foggy-gloomy weather, light rains and bitter cold can often seem a little too much for tourists. The lack of sunshine, sunlit photos and comforting warm weather can play spoilsport for travellers, especially those who prefer summers overwinters. That is exactly why sun tourism is catching up swiftly in Himachal Pradesh.

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Many tourists are preferring to travel to India’s popular mountain getaway during the summer season. Many visitors not just prefer the snow but also the sunny weather as well. But the reason for sunny weather even during the winters is global warming. Climate scientists are concerned about the changing weather patterns in Himachal. Despite being the winter season, Manali, Chamba, Palampur, and Dharamshala are witnessing sunny days for quite some time.

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Climate Change Brings Sunny Days In The State In Winter Season

Climate change is quite evident here and even emergency meetings to tackle snow in the region have become sparse. Moreover, the state’s economy runs on winter snowy activities and the Himalayan beauty is in danger. Sun tourism is catching up in Himachal as global warming has brought in sunny days even during the winters. Also, tourists are yearning for bright, breezy weather to explore the outdoors. This could perhaps be a sort of revenge tourism where they were confined to the comforts of their home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

So, how about a trip to Himachal where we can choose sun over snow? Bring it on, say, tourists.

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